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Intel i7 DAW Performance - Part I :


The Intel i7 is the biggest architectural shift for Intel since the Pentium 1. Gone are the FSB , Northbridge - Outboard Memory Controller, and also the added arbitration across multiple dies , multiple L2 Caches , replaced by a Native Quadcore, Shared Cache Architecture , Onboard Memory Controller , Tri Channel DDR3, and a new QuickPath interconnect architecture.

This is a whole new ball game , for Intel at least, Hyperthreading also makes a return.

The approach is now very similar to AMD's approach, and of course we will get the AMDians shedding a few tears that Intel have copied them, and fair enough. The difference being that while AMD have been sitting on their hands, Intels new architecture has hit the ball out of the park again, and Hyperthreading II was the biggest surprise of all when I ran thru the benches..

This is just a preliminary report , but will give a good enough insight into what is currently on the table.



Last 3 generations of Intel chips @ 2.66 Ghz:QX6700 / Q9450 / Dual X5355 / Dual X5430 / i7 920 / Dual i7 X5550 :

i7 / X58 / XPSP3 System running at 032 samples , RME HDSP , DAWbench DSP Test Session, 130 x 8 Band RXC Multiband Compressors , DPC latency at 13 :

Cubendo 4 - DAWbench DSP-RXC :

Its is clearly evident from the above results that there has been a quantum leap in performance at the lower latancies with the newest architecture.

The single i7 systems are easily outperforming the last generation Dual Xeon Quadcore systems , and Hyperthreading , unlike on the previous Netburst Architecture where it was last employed , is actually delivery tabgible and quantifiable improvments moving from 4 to 8 threads , aven more than moving from 4 to 8 phsical cores on the previous architecture


System Specs:

CPU: Intel i7 920 - 2.66GHZ
Chipset : X58

Memory: 3GB DDR3 10600, Tri Channel
Audio Card: RME HDSP 9632
Operating System : XPSP3

Audio Application: Cubendo 4.x

CPU: Dual Xeon i7 X5550 - 2.66GHZ
Chipset : X5500

Memory: 6GB DDR3 10600, Tri Channel
Operating System : Vista 64

Audio Application: Cubendo 4.x



The updated results for the Dual i7 Xeon platform is confirming that the quantum scaling improvments have been maintained on the Dual Socket architecture.

* A thank you to the team at ADK for the time and energy to test and supply the results for the Dual i7 Xeon X5500 System*

Vin Curigliano
AAVIM Technology
July 11 2009


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