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The performance of Intel DualCore Systems showed to be very responsive to increases in memory bandwidth, something that was discovered very early on when trying to analyse the disproportional scaling of an overclocked system over a standard clocked system , using the same Audio Hardware.


It was shown that if the speed of the memory modules being used were not appropriate to the FSB being employed , that performance was greatly effected. Something to take into account when comparing some posted results of the D955 which employs a 1066 FSB.

  If the memory modules being used were not running at a speed of at least DDR 800 , the overall performance benefit of the higher FSB would be greatly reduced, if not totally negated on this particular test.

Intel DualCore - Audio Hardware Comparison    

Again, the selection of Audio devices include both PCI and Firewire units.

There is a very pronounced and dis -proportional variance in the results at the lower latency for both the RME PCI and Firewire units, it is encouraging that the Beta driver for the PCI unit has improved the initial results substantially


Unlike on the AMD systems, the performace of the collective PCI cards is not uniformly better than the Firewire units on the initial test. In this case, the results are more reflective of the subtleties of the respective ASIO driver / buffer implementation being employed.


Again,there is a pronounced variace displayed in saving and re-opening the session with certain cards.

The save/reopen results for the Fireface and HDSP 2.43 , are not really indicative in this case as the initial results were so low, it negated the possible variance.


Intel DualCore OC - Audio Hardware Comparison    
The results for the Overclocked settings on the Intel systems show an over proportional scaling in performance for both the PCI and Firewire RME units , over and above the scaling achieved by the other cards tested. Note that on the Overclocked AMD systems, the RME Fireface, also scaled disproportionally as well.   Again, this is hinting at other variables at the subsystem level which can effect overall performance of this test.

The increased memory bandwidth available with the Overclocked FSB having the most profound effect with not only the inital test but also the Save / Re-open results
  These results would suggest that memory performance has a far greater impact on overall D.A.W performance than first believed, and is clearly showing that it is directly impacting the ASIO driver / buffer implementation of the respective audio devices, some more than others. Question is, Why ?
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