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With the release of DualCore CPU's specifically for notebooks , there is definately a growing number of end users who are considering the notebook solutions not only for their mobile requirements, but also as their main D.A.W solution.


In the past , Desktop Replacement units were large, heavy, cumbersome , noisy, hot, etc. The release of the Pentium M CPU's resolved all of the above, allowing small, light and powerful units, with far higher clock for clock performance


The Current CoreDuo options have lifted the bar higher again.

Although performance is not quite up to the Desktop variants , it is however quite exceptional.

Intel CoreDuo Notebook - Audio Hardware Comparison    

The above results were obtained using a Notebook based on an Intel CoreDuo T2400 - 1.83 GHZ.

Firewire Audio Interfaces were chosen for the referance hardware, as they are the more consistant, and better performing of the interconnect choices available.


Other considerations that needed to be taken was HD performance due to the external nature of the second Audio HD. Both USB 2.0 and Firewire on a second PCMCIA port were tested.

The above results were from the Firewire option, proving more consistant than USB 2.0 .


As has been witnessed on the Desktop options, there is a pronounced variace displayed in saving and re-opening the session with certain audio devices.

Again, as previously stated,that is reflective of the subtleties of the respective ASIO driver / buffer implementation being employed.

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